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my kingdom for a compass!!
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Author:  CB [ 04 Sep 2006, 16:28 ]
Post subject:  my kingdom for a compass!!

:D many thanks for a very different and intrigueing game...i have completed (if that is the correct way to look at it?) the bachelors campaign and am having a break before attempting the surgeons run thru..

one thing only really niggles me as i play and that is navigating around the town..it is tricky and critical to not waste too much time and energy running in the wrong direction or into dead ends..yet even tho i have gotten familiar with the layout i am constantly getting disorientated and finding myself going off in the wrong direction...wow this drives me mad!!

would have really loved a compass to help me stay orientated without refering to the map..would have made me feel more at home in the town -and the lack of district markers on the map for the secondary objectives freaks me out as well lol...

any how i appreciate the game /sim as it is truely different from the norm..so much so that i had to replay the bachelors first four days four time before i really thought i understood what i needed to do well enough to stand a chance of surviving till the end..the normal gameplay tactics didn't work well enough had to learn some new ones!
can't be bad!

completely foxed by the plot tho must admit...i have no idea what's going on here...sherlock holmes or moriarty who is who lol..need to be both to stand a chance of grasping it...
what is going on???!!!

it obviuosly isn't a win-lose scenario- it's a win-lose probably maybe could be definitely not definitely so scenario or have i lost the plot..

i'm not sure what to believe..which maybe the point? :shock:

oh hell....forgot to ask????
what on earth does the "V" toggled optical scope do? it isnt mentioned in the manual that i could find(?) and try as i might i never found a use for it at all??
i get the feeling it is a bit like the microscope effect but live action?

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