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Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake
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Author:  Hicks [ 05 Feb 2015, 20:23 ]
Post subject:  Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

Since the forums have had a refresh and redesign I thought it might be good to get the ball rolling on a hopes/wishlist thread for Pathologic.

Couple of things that it would be nice to see from me:

Optional headbob when moving. A toggle-able option from the menu for those that would like movement to have a sense of weight as opposed to gliding and the option to turn it on or off for those that are affected by motion sickness.

If on screen and user interface button prompts are going to be used then an option that can be toggled on which ones are displayed regardless of input device used between keyboard and mouse, xbox ABXY and playstation circle/square/cross/triangle.

It'd be great if it were possible for the end user to adjust textures and sound files - if the file system were to support this.

Feature and build on the animations from the preview/promotional video - particularly the weapon reloads and hands opening doors, it gave a wonderful sense of presence to the actions that were being shown to see them detailed and with a physical presence. Eating/Drinking, reloading weapons, sleeping. I don't know how much work it would require to have these kind of animations implemented from a first person perspective but I can only but ask :)

The ability to save at the users convenience as was the case in the original version of Pathologic.

If there are going to be rendered cutscenes for endings etc then an option to view them once they've been unlocked would be nice.

From the Unity engine previews there was a section that showed puddles of water as part of the texturing/lighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D392TitSE4k things like this would be great to see.

Any chance we could fish in the river? It would be a risky way to spend time given how short time is in the game but it would be a way of gaining food at the expense of time.

Would it be possible to have an ingame codex for characters, places, events etc that the player gradually fills in as they play? An extension of the journal system that was in the original version of Pathologic.

How about everyone else?


As of the most recent update how about having that "Make-Sure-Your-Pants-Haven’t-Dropped-Meter" as well? :P

Author:  jader7777 [ 01 Apr 2015, 02:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

I'm sure the team at Ice Pick are bubbling over with their own hopes and desires for the game and even with the few hints in the updates on the Kickstarter it seems they are addressing a lot of complaints people had about the original. I'm sure that they will make something impressive and surprising for both old players and new comers alike.

I hope that the photography elements of the game return, I know some of the adherents looked strange and different from their ingame models but they generally made the game much more unique and personal. I'm not sure how it will blend with the new, more polished graphics they are developing now (they seemed to compliment the low poly character models quite a bit) but images like this:


and this


They are so simple but so well put, the raw and deceptive nature of the game made into a monotone photograph. I think it also helps to reflect the time the game is set in (somewhere around the 1920s?) by having photography that suits the setting. Rarely do you see real photographs in games and Pathologic is such an outstanding use of them. I'd love to see photographs of things attached to the letters you receive in the game (I always felt the letters were a bit bland as far as getting me excited to trudge through a diseased district). There's already quite a bit of work gone into the video of the kickstarter, perhaps some of it may be used in the remake?

Author:  alex899 [ 09 Apr 2015, 23:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

I remember this game, i have played the german censored version.
My wishes

- If you reach and fulfilling stretch goals please make the Timeflow longer because many player have never played something special, especially on PS4 and Xbox One. My suggestion would be one In-Game Day equals 4-6 Real-Life Hours.
- The difficulty levels of play should be on the order of characters:
Bachelor - Normal
Haruspicus - Difficult
Changeling - Hardcore
I want implying not make the old game, for example, you can play history of Changeling after Bachelor or Haruspicus story. it would be useful first bachelor to play then unlocked Haruspicus and finally unlocked the Changeling.
- I think you might use photography elements from previous game for adherents and the main characters.
- Please make voiceover for the characters, and not a character says a sentence and then silence that was annoyed in previous game.
- Please make a better journal system, because you did not know where you got the letters. I think technology could be integrated.
- Make please hiding spots in houses if bandits begin to look for the player.
- The map should show only shops and important places.

Author:  HORROR [ 24 Jan 2016, 18:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

I just want more bullets :D

Author:  br4zil [ 20 Apr 2016, 01:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

I just really want more options for each day.

I would love to have as many possible outcomes for each quest/day as possible.

Author:  somdara [ 27 May 2017, 15:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hopes/Wishlist for Pathologic Remake

I would love to have as many possible outcomes for each quest/day as possible...



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