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Any news?
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Author:  ShadowMoses [ 28 Sep 2005, 16:42 ]
Post subject:  Any news?


Is there any news about Pathologic? and the release in the west? or any release that might be in english will do! ;)

Author:  Halfgild Wynac [ 28 Sep 2005, 17:04 ]
Post subject: 

Translation is almost finished, so an english version should be released in a month or two. I hope:)

Author:  ShadowMoses [ 28 Sep 2005, 17:10 ]
Post subject: 


So there is a publisher for the west? or will it be the same as for Russia?

Author:  admin_eng [ 28 Sep 2005, 18:39 ]
Post subject: 

There are different Western publishers: in Germany, Spain, France and so on.
Where are you from?

Author:  ShadowMoses [ 28 Sep 2005, 23:59 ]
Post subject: 

I'm from England, UK but as long as it's released in english somewhere i'll import it! ;)

Author:  mikaelis [ 29 Sep 2005, 16:56 ]
Post subject: 

Since it is my first post, I would like to say Hello :D

I have a few questions considering this game. First is about translations. Although I am Polish, I am living in Germany right now, and my knowledge of Goethe's language is dramatically poor :D . I wonder if you are making special translations for each country, or it will be some kind of multilanguage version. It would be great to choose the English in the German version of the game. Probably it will not happen :( , but I am asking just in case.
The second question is: Are you planning to release the game in Poland? Or at least, are you talking to some Polish publishers about that?

I am really looking forward to this game. It looks so fresh, mature and innovative, among all those stupid recent productions, that I cannot simply stand waiting for it. I hope the game will be a huge success on markets other than the native one.


Author:  The LxR [ 01 Oct 2005, 19:06 ]
Post subject: 

Since I managed to get rid of my army problems, I'm answering just as promised.

I'm sorry to say that, but we are not planning to localize the game into Polish. Te game will be, although, released in Germany, but in their native language, not English. But since I prommised to mail you your very own personal copy of the game in Russian, possibly, signed by the developers (still working on it ^_^), you shouldn't worry about it.

Author:  mikaelis [ 01 Oct 2005, 20:06 ]
Post subject: 


That is really a surprise! I'm starting to work over my Russian language skills right immedietaly :D .


Author:  The LxR [ 17 Oct 2005, 08:01 ]
Post subject: 

Great news - I finally went to the post office and sent out the game. Expect it to arrive in a 2-3 weeks.

Author:  The LxR [ 23 Oct 2005, 09:31 ]
Post subject: 

Bad news - the package was returned. I messed up with the address os something. so I'm sending it again tomorrow. Sry.

Author:  mikaelis [ 05 Nov 2005, 22:01 ]
Post subject: 

Bad news - the package was returned. I messed up with the address os something. so I'm sending it again tomorrow. Sry.
Hi. It's been a while since I was here. No need to worry about the package. Anyway, I concider it as an additional bonus sent to me by luck (or maybe LxR?, hehehe) :). Whenever it comes it will be fine.
I also wanted to ask you, how the western release is going on? Are you still aiming for the end of this year?
I am also curious about translation. Are you fully responsible for it (that is Ice-Pick Lodge) or the external publisher? I wonder if it is already done, or still some people are working on it.
Anyway I am waiting to put my hands on the game (hope you will hit the X-mas time with the english release) :D


Author:  The LxR [ 06 Nov 2005, 07:33 ]
Post subject: 

Welcome back. ^_^

Ice-Pick is responsible only for the translation into English excluding voiceovers - they will be done by local voice actors as well as translation into all other languaches, including Chinese. :) What I can say for sure, is that we are done on the English translation. Some touch-ups still have to be ,ade, but I'm working on them...

By X-Mas you will surely recieve that darn package. :)

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