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Impossible to see the game engine In action?
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Author:  wsw [ 06 Mar 2006, 16:12 ]
Post subject:  Impossible to see the game engine In action?

I bought the game finally from an english site, and i posted in a italian forum about the game, beign interesting but underhyped by the media (sometimes totally ignored we can say).

Actually, everyone is asking for gameplay movies, or a demo, and i had to point out that there's nothing like this, they have to have faith in the game and buy it.

I see that a demo filled one cd, but almost all demos are 600mb more ore less in size, people with broadband doesnt care to download it to give a good game a try.
And actually, even more difficult, is to find at least a 3\4 minutes gameplay video to show the game in the final retail build.

Don't you think such things should be available to gamers to show them how interesting the game is? Being out in UK since a little, still nowreviews can be taken as infos too.


Author:  Halfgild Wynac [ 07 Mar 2006, 20:05 ]
Post subject: 

Was the game actually released in USA? ;). Well, don't worry, I am not sure that I know who, where and when publishes the game... I hope you are not mistaken, otherwise you bought some strange version.

I just made two gameplay movies. Now all depends on publisher's opinion on it. If video sucks then it's better not let people download it:)

Author:  wsw [ 08 Mar 2006, 13:09 ]
Post subject: 

Good move - be sure to add good gameplay portions (walking, talking, shooting, exploring): everyone is asking for gameplay, not cutscenes.
Glad i was able to give you a hint :)

On the other hand: the game is not out in UK, i just placed the preorder.

Release date: 24/03/2006

Author:  Halfgild Wynac [ 08 Mar 2006, 16:35 ]
Post subject: 

It's too late to add something. :) Both videos are made already. The first movie was completed two weeks ago (I only corrected audio tracks yesterday) and the second one was completed on Sunday.

Hmm... March, 23 is even earlier than the German release:) (even the first one...). Have you bought game in english shop because you are english native speaker or just because there is no other choice? I think, it's better to buy version of this game translated into your own language.

Author:  wsw [ 09 Mar 2006, 13:54 ]
Post subject: 

No other choice, seems that the game will not be released in Italian.

Author:  wsw [ 09 Mar 2006, 13:55 ]
Post subject: 

When and where will the videos be released?

Author:  Andy386@web.de [ 12 Mar 2006, 18:57 ]
Post subject: 

but i have here a gameplayvideo.
its only about 187 MB.
but dont know, if it is possible (allowed) to release it over edk or s.th. else...

Author:  Andy386@web.de [ 12 Mar 2006, 19:02 ]
Post subject: 

The links are not mine.
I don't gurantee for anything.
Ich distanziere mich ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten Seiten inklusive aller Unterseiten.

wohoo !
i've found the link:
http://www.k-files.de/download.php?s=&a ... &dlid=3223
(german site, you have to register)
Ok, i have made a account.
go on this site. in the Banner is anywere KOINS-Nick.
there you have to type patho
in the array right hand pathologic
then click login
then "Download starten" (orange)

ALTERNATIVE: simply try
ftp://Vicazinike:Muredusigi@ ... y_show.zip

Author:  Halfgild Wynac [ 12 Mar 2006, 23:35 ]
Post subject: 

Yeah... I know this one. Pretty long and in-depth but on the other hand, the gameplay movie in this file is based on rather old version of the game (as you can see, the sky and the interface are not like on the last screenshots of the game). I can't be sure how many months before the release (Russian release, 29 May 2005) this version was... And I wouldn't tell you even if I knew :).
But any player from Russia can tell for sure that version is old from the very beginning of gameplay - basically because of the sky, the music and the dog.

Author:  Andy386@web.de [ 15 Mar 2006, 12:19 ]
Post subject: 

well, in my oppinion is the look of the game not very interesting.
I want to feel a kind of depth in games (f.e. DasSchwarzeAuge (DSA) - the PC-Version [it's pen&paper] is really great - built 1992, 1993 and 1995 I think. But i play it still today. Because it's a great atmoshere, there are lot of "normal" thing (i.e. drink, eat, go to pub, have fun, could have prostitudes,.............)

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